Hildur Bjørnsdottir

The Artist

Hildur Björnsdóttir was born in 1960 and raised in Iceland. Now she lives and works in Norway and Sweden. She has studied art and graphic techniques over many years in all those countries. The operating force in her art is to describe and express the special energy she finds in the nature in Iceland, and therefore she visits her homeland regularly. She is not confined by one artistic medium; she uses canvas, paper, wood, aluminum, photography, installations and objects in her projects.

The Art

The Artist´s main subject is the unique nature of Iceland. Her art works conveys the weathered, rustic, contrasting and colorful nature that is constantly changing. In some off her work she also use subjects from travelling around the world. The motive can be a personal sensory experience, a special mood or an actual event and there is always a story behind her subject. The viewer also gets invited to create their own story through their own experience, facing the artworks.

The Art Technique  

The Artist works with several techniques. She paints powerfully with juicy coat and the images have a strong and rustic expression. In some artworks she combines her painting with natural elements, such as lava rock and ash, from Iceland. The artwork often gets unique patterns and textures so they almost become tactile.

Many art works are based upon her own photos, which are composed (More…)